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What is it?

Outreach, simply put, is rocketeers helping their community.  Often, MASA receives requests for assistance with model rocket activities - building, launching, displays, presentations...  These requests may come from schools, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, community education programs, and many other groups!  By helping these groups, MASA members not only give to their community, but they help to introduce "the next generation" to the model rocket hobby.

Small groups (<10 people) are generally welcome to join us at our regular club launches.  Unleashing large groups at our club launches generally results in some level of chaos.  For large groups who desire our help to launch rockets, we prefer to work with you to set up a special launch just for your group.

Group leaders - if you're interested in asking for our assistance, see the Contacts page and we'll act on it as best we can.  We may not be able to find club members that are able to help with every situation, but we'll try our very best!

Upcoming Outreach Events

Date Time Group Description Location

More info on these events and calls for MASA volunteers will be posted to the masarocketry email list.

Tips and advice

Ted's advice on building and flying rockets with groups of kids.

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